Basic Idea

For one night, downtown London will come alive with contemporary arts activities, exhibits, and installations. From 7:00pm Saturday June 14, 2014 until 1:00am Sunday June 15, 2014.

Galleries, museums, laneways, sidewalks, alleys, parks can all become locations to engage audiences in a variety of artistic experiences. Unusual or forbidden spaces become sites of contemporary art open for all-night discovery and rediscovery. The audience is given free access to explore, discover, debate, and participate in contemporary art.

Participating artists will create installations, interactive art, film, sculpture, street theatre, music, anything that will encourage participation from audiences. The diversity of the art is unlimited.

Nuit Blanche is a free contemporary arts event.

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2014 Nuit Blanche Project Listing

Postal Service

P) Night Light Postal Service

• Operated by: Lefty Smudges & Wright Lloyd

‘Night Light’ post offices, and a troupe of messengers, will be stationed to deliver notes and messages for you throughout the night. Communicate between sites: send missives to friends at every location, send each artist a note in the night; Artists send messages amongst yourselves! Communicate randomly: send notes to hang in the air, in the hopes that your intended will recognize their name, or simply your description of them, and get the message. 'Night Light Postal Service' will act as a form of communication for everyone in the night – Pass notes in the night.

1) Museum London

Museum London gears up for another Nuit Blanche. The Centre and Community Galleries are alive with art-making sessions, DJs, silent film projections and music. On the main level, it’s BYOBlanket: bring a blanket, pillow or yoga mat and lay on the floor as we project vintage Canadian animations and silent short films while local musicians provide improv music. The upper level offers interactive engagements and participatory programs spearheaded by Jeremy Jeresky, director of the New School of Colour, with sounds provided by local DJs. Activities are scheduled throughout the evening--there’s something for everyone! (Cash bar)

2) Retro Electro Sideshow

• UnLondon, Uber Cool Stuff, and our generous community

It’s the first time this dimension has seen a carnival like ours! The Retro Electro Sideshow will arrive with a crazy collection of contraptions and contrivances constructed to engage, amaze, and amuse the milling masses. Test your skills at interactive high-tech attractions but beware of the Time Police!

3) Live Timelapse Mural Broadcast

• Justin Hayes

Painter/Video Time Warp: Experience past and present simultaneously: the digital capture of a process and its ongoing experience. Local filmmaker Justin Hayes cinematizes a collaborative painting, projecting the entire process, from first brushstroke to present action. With a raffle for a Chance to Win the Painting (includes a DVD of the time-warp.) Hosted by LOMAA - London Ontario Media Arts Association, at their new space, DNA Art Studio.

4) Beauty Beneath the Bone - An installation by John McEwen

• DNA artspace

DNA artspace will precede its official opening on June 20th with an installation created especially for Nuit Blanche by the renowned Canadian sculptor, John McEwen.  Part sculpture and part video, this installation begins a two month exhibition, which will explore various relationships such as taxidermy vs. living animal, trophy vs. captive, object vs. subject.

5) Structure, Paint, Math and Making out.

• Generously supported by Good Foundation Inc.

For the past month I have been working in my studio with four local emerging artists: Megan Arnold, Steve Austin, Mac Ludlow and Jordan Vitre, to create several large sculptures and 3D paintings for this one night.  The work includes hints op-art involving mathematics, themes of love, human relations, science fiction and making out.

Presented by James Kirkpatrick

6) Core People

• Fanshawe College Photography

Fanshawe Photography students and grads will be photographing people in and around the Nuit Blanche events. Digital files will be edited and uploaded to a special Facebook Group. Some images will be printed on-site, and distributed throughout the event.

7) Creations of Wood and Paint

• Art of Aaron Lozynsky

An onsite construction of surreal sculpted figures in various sizes and forms using canvas, textile, metal wiring, found objects and paint. The goal is to create a number of strangely configured forms and paintings interacting in an expressionistic landscape that could or could not be destroyed and rebuilt at any moment!

8) Street Slam

• London Poetry Slam

The London Poetry Slam is a monthly spoken word poetry competition, established in 2007. Every month, poets & poetry-lovers gather together for an energetic & engaging night of performance poetry, where the emphasis is on the connection between the performer and the audience. That said, the points are not the point, the poetry is the point! Come see how we slam & show the love!


• Supported by the London Society of Architects and Copps Buildall

Inspired by tree houses and climbers, STREETPLAY is a structure that allows Londoners to interact with the urban streetscape from different perspectives. STREETPLAY explores how our experiences in urban areas are (a) influenced by street planning and architecture, and (b) improved when people are prioritized over cars.

Streetplay is: Mohammed M J Afana, Megan Bachynski, Mauricio Bernal, Ben Brown, Mike Lunau, Patty Graham, Yimei Guo

10) Here and Now

• Charity Miskelly

As a space to be in the present moment, Here and Now replicates a familiar living space, containing objects from the home, all painted in white; a blank space emerges for mindfulness interaction. Visitors will find mark-making materials inviting them to express themselves and their felt self in the now.

11) Forest City Gallery Presents the Arbornauts

Forest City Gallery is proud to present a long-duration performance by the Arbornauts.

The Arbornauts is an interdisciplinary and collaborative art project by Amanda White, Lydia Burggraaf, and Meghan Krauss. The Arbornauts will be setting up their mission control on Dundas Street, but will also be venturing around the Nuit Blanche festival to research, climb and collect data from the urban tree canopy. The Arbornauts will collect specimens from surrounding trees and report back to their mission control to examine their found data, and live-update their website with their conclusions.

What will the Arbornauts deduce about London (aka. the “Forest City”) by the lack of trees in our downtown core?

12) Fringe Castle and Maze

Leave your mark on the Fringe Castle. Take a look around, explore the various rooms and channel your inner artists and decorator. Let your imagination guide you!

13) Visual Fringe, The Arts Project

• 203 Dundas Street

Visual Fringe features the works of 25 local and area visual artists. Meet the artists, purchase some great work and mingle with other art enthusiasts.

14) Queer Futures

• Presented by General Population

What does the future hold? Join London's queer collective General Population to find out. Make the journey into our psychic grotto where London's finest clairvoyant drag queens will plumb the waters of the future to see what the world has in store. Because time doesn't always run in a straight line.

15) Fringe 15th Anniversary Memory Wall

For eleven days, Fringe Troupers have been collecting and decorating the Fringe Wall with memories and keepsakes from the past fourteen Fringe Festivals. Have something you want to share? Tell us a story, paint a picture, leave a note.

16) Luminous Bodies

• Earthbound

Living in the forest city, our aim is to illuminate & glorify plant life. Artistic collective, EARTHBOUND, encourages passersby to enter a space that is peaceful and inspiring, while inspecting unusual luminous bodies. After 1:00 AM, visitors are invited to adopt one of these bodies for their home for a small donation.

17) Omi ebora: ode to Zong!

• Joscelyn Gardner

Plucking words and syllables from NourbeSe Philips’ epic poem Zong!, Joscelyn Gardner’s immersive video projection / sound installation, omi ebora, fills the exhibition space with a cacophony of haunting voices that struggle to tell of the 1781 murder by drowning of nearly 150 slaves on board the slave ship Zong.

18) Drive In Movie

• The apk live

Drive In Movie is a night to experience movies projected onto our patio wall, sitting with friends, enjoying the air. We feature cult, art, and indie movies. 11PM until 2 AM.

19) Fringe Closing Party/Circus of the Stars

• The Poachers Arms, Richmond and Queens

This is it, the closing celebrations of the Fringe. We’ll hand out the Tillees (Fringe Theatre Wards) and then the final NO Show, Circus of the Stars.

20) Media Manipulation

• Kevin Lansdowne and Katie Webster

• Multi Media Sculpture

Exploring generations raised by technology, often engaging in emotions that distract from reality. Avoiding isolation and focusing on interaction, elements attract attention while generating discussion. Involvements form by participating in conversation, transforming ordinary matter into a spectacle creation. It bridges conceptual to material world and experiments with human spoken word.

21) Wet Paint

View some graffiti in action as artists demonstrate their style in front of an audience!  Catch a glimpse of the artist lifestyle and experience graffiti culture for yourself.  Watch as these artists use different tools and techniques to create colourful street-side canvasses.

22) WREN

A recent graduate from the fine arts program at the University of Western, WREN's sculpture considers the relationships between memory, play, and self in relation to our social understanding of unspoken rules and tensions when assumptions to engage are permitted.


Street Violinist - Isaac Eng

• Fiddler on the Loop!

Catch street violinist Isaac Daniel Eng performing his one man show of looped pop songs and fiddle tunes. Isaac will also be collaborating with folk singer-guitarist Scott Perry for a set of acoustic covers and originals!

@isaacdanieleng        #isaacdanieleng        /isaacdanieleng

The Forest City Beatbox Collective

Beatboxing is the art form of creating music using only the mouth. Noises can range from simple drum patterns to the hard, bass grooves of Electronic Dance Music. The Forest City Beatbox Collective aims to show the masses the full spectrum of beatboxing and to bring it forth from the underground.

TREA – roving

TREA invites others to learn more about environmentally sustainable programs, groups and opportunities happening in right here in London and Area. Speak with one of the Green Team Volunteers to learn more and find out how you can be one too!

Seek and Find!

• Person-Free Hugs

If you’ve ever wished your friend Happy Birthday on Facebook instead of sending a card, then you’ve already given a Person-Free Hug. Although we can’t be everywhere at once, we’d like you to have a free hug on our behalf. Nuit Blanchers who interact with the piece by posting it to Instagram will be participating at a level of irony only Alanis Morrisette has managed to achieve thus far. #PersonFreeHugs

Street Performance

Stiltdancer: 7:30pm (Roving)

A unique North American hybrid company that is Circus derived, Dance theatre informed, Carnival inspired, & Athletically induced, delivering delight to crowds in Ontario and beyond since 2005.  Stiltdancer's costumed stilt artists specialize in busting moves, interacting with crowds, and providing high-energy entertainment wherever a stilt walker would just not be enough.

High Noonish: 8:30pm

Let Wyatt Derp and Doc Vacation take you back to the wild west in this comedic half hour show featuring whip cracking, ragtime piano, flair juggling and a death defying rope escape!

Madame Guillotine: 9:15pm

Marie Antoinette is back and ready to party! Be dazzled by magic, circus and comedy but watch out: you don't want to lose your head!

Billions Cobra: 10:00pm