Basic Idea

For one night London will come alive with contemporary arts activities, installations, interative art, film, sculpture, street theatre and music. The diversity of the art is unlimited. The event will start on June 13th at 7:00pm and run until 1:00am on June 14th.

Galleries, museums, laneways, sidewalks, alleys, parks can all become locations to engage audiences in a variety of artistic experiences. Unusual or forbidden spaces become sites of contemporary art open for all-night discovery and rediscovery. The audience is given free access to explore, discover, debate, and participate in contemporary art.

Participating artists will create installations, interactive art, film, sculpture, street theatre, music, anything that will encourage participation from audiences. The diversity of the art is unlimited.

Nuit Blanche is a free contemporary arts event.

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2015 Nuit Blanche Project Listing

1) Art Party and Cybernetic Music: Museum London, 421 Rideout

Bring your old clothes along and contribute to Maria Ezcurra’s Open or Mindy Yan Miller’s Sorting Party as they create collaborative pieces with visitors. For Ezcurra’s Open, wear your old clothing over your outfit, stand in the installation, and see how she unstitches and stretches it onto the wall, pinning it in place to create a collective identity. Or help Yan Miller sort one thousand pounds of clothing and shape pieces into sculptural structures. All clothing will later be donated to charity.


FRC team 4525, Renaissance Robotics along with their FRC friends are proud to present a tech- art fusion! This unique art piece will be created before your eyes by six student designed and student built 5 foot tall 120 pound robots! Part sculpture, part technology, part performance, this is a one of a kind art installation where robots are the artists!

3) Audio Forge

The forging of two distinctive forms, music and sculpture, creating working soundscapes that defy the eyes and ears. All is malleable in this world: shapes sounds and attitudes.

4) Lefty Smudges: Night Light Postal Service

Want to pass a note to your favourite performer? Tell your crush you think they are cute? Or write an anonymous note to someone in the night? Lefty Smudges will act as your personal postal service for the night of June 13th! Her team of 'Smudge Couriers' will be on hand to deliver this futuristic communication, where texting is passé and passed notes are a resurrected art form.

5) Forest City Beatbox Collective

Beatboxing, or vocal percussion, is the art form of creating music using only the human voice and the human voice alone. The forest city beatbox collective is a group of beatboxers from around the London area bringing light to the originally underground art form.

6) Print London: Satellite Project Space, 121 Dundas

Print London (a collective of local printmakers) starts their month long program Fresh Hot Print at Satellite Project Space (121 Dundas Street) June 13 on the Fringe Festival with a series of fun family oriented print making activities during the day by transforming the gallery space into a real print shop equipped with traditional presses. In the evening, during Nuit Blanche, the public is invited to create a large scale collaborative work made of 8” x 8” hand printed tiles with assistance of Print London members.

7) Forest City Gallery presents Hold On. Hold On. Some Things Last Forever, a project by theCultural Capital Consortium (CCC).

As an ongoing exercise considering labour, history and futility, CCC will be attempting to create and maintain a complex Victorian tiled floor made entirely of loose sand for the duration of the festival. Accompanying their tireless efforts several whispered audio soundtracks will wax poetic on themes ranging from entropy, to self help, to existentialism.

8) DNA Artspace, 123 Dundas St.

DNA Artspace is pleased to present Reunion in Feral Forest, an exhibition featuring work by Sarah Burwash (Halifax) and Gillian Dykeman (Toronto). Reunion in Feral Forest confronts the ideological wilderness landscape, in which Dykeman’s stereotypical Canadian woodsman is contrasted by the strong and imaginative feminist presence in Sarah Burwash’s work. The opening reception for this exhibition will coincide with Nuit Blanche. There will be a performance by Gillian Dykeman at 9pm.

9) Not So Primary Colours

Fanshawe's new downtown buildings get a dazzling theatrical lighting makeover. Having two buildings opposite each other is an opportunity for some large scale lighting fun. Designed, installed and programed by staff and students from Fanshawe’s Theatre Arts: Technical Production program.

10) Core People

A group of recent graduates and current students enrolled in the Photography program at Fanshawe will be photographing participants of the festival throughout the evening, making prints of these street portraits available to those photographed both online and in hard copy .

11) Confession Cube

Natural constructs and human nature’s innate desire to reach out to others, conceives a physical representation exploring the curiosity behind confession. Inspired by Candy Chang's interactive exhibit, 'Confessions,' at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas. This organic display features secrets and confessions shared by the city of London to find communion in collective vulnerability.

12) Expressions in Chalk

Expressions In Chalk is a 100 % volunteer staffed community organization, striving to utilize local artists and art groups. They are dedicated to bringing the art of street painting to citizens and artists of London, through public performances and special events, promoting the city as a creative art destination.

13) Planting Seeds Earth Artists

Planting Seeds Earth Artists cultivates creativity for the innovation of food security and environmental sustainability.

14) Filthy Rebena presents Gentle at 177 Dundas

“Pull My Arm to Make it Grow” is a photography group exhibition featuring the work of 11 young photographers. The work projects a portrait of today’s youth through a series of large scale black & white photographic prints. Contributors for the exhibit come from London, Toronto and New York City. Curated by Justin Yong, the work will be displayed in conjunction with his solo show and book launch, each titled “gentle”.

15) Planting Seeds Co.

Local products, locally made, interacting with people downtown in a different way.

16) iWaldoodle - a game of drawing monsters

Explore and immerse yourself in the world of Waldoodle creatures. Do more than just observe, participate in this interactive installation and get in touch with your inner creative monster with artist Walter Sayers.

17) VisualFringe: The Arts Project, 203 Dundas St.

VisualFringe features the works of 25 local and area visual artists. Meet the artists, purchase some great work, and mingle with other art enthusiasts!

18) The Muze and Sweet Magic London, 242 Dundas


19) (Spoken) Word on the Street, 210 Dundas St.

London Poetry Slam is bringing words to the curb, sharing spoken word poetry and showing the love just like we do at our monthly slams. Come listen to some of our slam vets speak their truth, and if you have a poem of your own, hit the mic with us!

20) 152 HAPPY DAYS by Greg Mate Created by AlvegoRoot Theatre

During the last 152 days of Greg Mate’s life he posted on Facebook each day something that made his day a happy day. These posts became well-loved by his friends and document his final days with beauty. An all-night reading of these 152 happy posts read by groups of friends.

21) Emerging Filmmakers Showcase, Vibrafusion Lab, 355 Clarence

A drop-in screening of short films by emerging talent in film including short documentary, narrative and experimental works by filmmakers based in London, Toronto, and Montreal.

22) Transmorphous Sound Ensemble, Grooves Records, 353 Clarence

Transmorphous Sound Ensemble (Chris Meloche and Richard Moule) creates a unique, organic tapestry of sounds. By using traditional musical instruments subjected to various sound processing, the duo manage to weave an atmosphere which immerses the listener into a strange but inviting aural experience. A sonic treat for curious ears.


On the Move Organics: Reign of Radishes

An interactive mobile garden installation, housed in a bicycle towed trailer, will invite people to explore their role in growing food sovereignty in London.